First Love

First love,
the train left.
You were there
and I watched you go away.

First love,
why did you do that?
Was I disgusting or ugly,
Or just someone who can’t make you stay?

First love,
I cried.
I never knew what I did wrong,
and questions filled my mind.

First love,
I’m still waiting.
I still have the questions
and you never gave the answers.

First love,
I’m still broken.
You met me whole,
and left me shattered to pieces.

First love,
come back to me.
Have I not loved you enough?
I’ve run out of love for myself.

First love,
answer me.
Why do you not speak
when all you need is a yes or no?

First love,
where are you?
Are you with a girl?
Are you gonna break her too?

First love,
I loved you.
And if you’re ever wondering,
I hopelessly still do.


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