To Love a Writer

Have you ever fallen
in love with a writer
whose words cling too dearly
to him and everyone around him?

Have you ever seen
the world in his eyes
where almost everything and everyone
are as interesting as the other?

Have you ever spoken
to him so seriously
where he looks at you and looks away
as if he’s watching a soul walk away?

Have you ever known
the books he’s read
which contain the confessions
he could never ever speak of?

Have you ever read
what he wrote
which would lead you to ask
if he’s him or someone else?

To love a writer
is no easy task.
You may hold him in your arms
but his mind will let him escape.

To love a writer
is like loving Math.
You need to solve first
before you understand the whole picture.

He’ll let you
decipher him
in ways
he would want you to.

But the things
he wants you
to know the most
are hidden away from everyone.

He’d speak of words
he truly means
and at the same time
he doesn’t.

And in every perspective he uses
in a story, a sentence or a phrase,
may or may not be a clue
to what he wants to say.

Because writers are people
who want to be found
and at the same time,


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