I Lied

I remember being obsessed with loving you back then. I also remember every failure I had whenever I tried to forget about my feelings.

You were you. You were a force. You attracted me, and just when we’re about to crash into each other, you’d push me away. Never did I even imagine for me to be able to fall out of love from you just because of that. Sadly, I have moved on even though I still wanted to be in love with you.

Maybe I didn’t actually love you. Maybe I was just obsessed with the thought of loving you because, honestly, I liked liking you since I knew that there would never be an “us”. I wanted you to notice me, but I never wished for us to be together. I wanted a door, but never a place to enter.

That doesn’t matter, though, right? Since you don’t give a damn, and I could care less now. Newsflash, I’ve moved on—whether it’s about my feelings, or my obsession.


If you knew that I might not had actually loved you, only the idea of loving you, would anything change?


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